What requirements must I meet to be part of the Imserso travel program?

After more than a year, the Imserso returns. The Senior Travel Program It has been approved by the Government. It will start in October and with 280 million euros budget. Many people who have just reached or are very close to retirement age wonder if you can sign up for this project promoted by the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services.

Many will associate the Imserso with our grandparents’ trips to Benidorm, stopping at the bar where María Jesús and her accordion had a daily appointment. Unfortunately, neither statement is entirely true. The artist left the tourist capital in 2019 and the program has multiple destinations both on the coast, as in the interior and the islands.

The project aims Improve Life Quality of the elderly, their health and the prevention of dependency. In addition, according to the website of the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services, it also contributes maintaining employment and economic activity, seasonally adjusting the sector as it is scheduled in the low season.


Also, when someone signs up for the program, includes the full board of the accommodation, or average if the destination is a provincial capital. Of course, you must share the room if you do not want to pay a supplement.

Also included round trip transportation, the collective insurance policy, general medicine service in the hotel itself (except inland tourism) and socio-cultural animation.


Imserso is usually associated with retirees. What if, who have a pension within the Spanish public system have the right to participate in the program. But there are other profiles that can also be accepted.

It is the case of people over 55 who have a widow’s benefit, those aged 60 or over who receive other types of subsidies, who upon turning 65 are holders or beneficiaries of the Social Security System and returned emigrants who are public pensioners in the country from which they come.

If the above requirements are met, you have Spanish nationality and reside in Germany, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Holland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom, Sweden or Switzerland, you can also process the registration through the Ministry of Labor, Migration and Social Security.

What’s more, Spaniards of emigrant origin Those who have returned to Spain may also participate, as long as they are part of the public Social Security pension system in the countries to which they have gone.

It should be added that each person who has the right to the travel program may be accompanied of your spouse, common-law partner or person with whom there is a stable union and coexistence even if it does not meet the above requirements.


Once the required profile is met, if you want to enjoy the tourism program for the elderly, you must register with the Imserso. To do this, you can go to the official website and complete the procedure electronically or by sending the completed form By certified mail to: Imserso Tourism Program, PO box 10.140, 28080 Madrid.

To those who have already been registered, a form will be sent with their data and they will only have to confirm them.

Once you are included in the program, the Institute will get in touch by postal mail providing all the information about the destinations and how to proceed for your registration.


The Government approved this Tuesday in the Council of Ministers the return of the Imserso tourism program with 816,029 places and a budget of 280 million euros for the 2021/2022 season, with the possibility of extensions.

For the director of the Institute for the Elderly, Luis Barriga, “it’s the best news for seniors, as an indicator of normality ”.

The inclusion of measures and protocols to avoid contagion by Covid-19 in transport, accommodation and activities.

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