The President of the Nation arrived in San Juan to sign agreements and stated that « Argentina claims to be a federal country, but it did not behave as such »

The President of the Nation, Alberto Fernández, arrived in San Juan to sign agreements for works with the governor of that province, Sergio Uñac. There, he again appealed to a speech with a marked burden of federalism, a trend that was accentuated in his speeches after the decision of the Executive to withdraw funds from the Capital to direct them to Buenos Aires territory. « Argentina claims to be a federal country but it did not behave as such, it is not to put ink on anyone, the country was not built like that, » said the President, who also highlighted the need to « give everyone the same opportunities for growth and development ».

In relation to this, he said: «What one should wish more as an Argentine is that each Argentine has the opportunity to be born, to grow up, to study, to work, to build a family, to study at a local university, to live happily in the province where he was born and die happy, after having lived well in the province where he was born.

Fernández said that « it should be an objective of each one of us » and added: « The day that happens we will have discovered that Argentina has given opportunities to all equally. What makes us evolve or grow is not merit, as we have been led to believe in recent years, because the dumbest of the rich has many more possibilities than the smartest of the poor. And then it is not the merit, it is to give everyone the same opportunities for growth and development. As long as that does not happen in Argentina we cannot be calm with our consciences ».

The President expressed: «That federal country that I propose is not a federal country that I think against anyone, it is a federal country that I think in favor of everyone. It is not a country that I think I can build alone, it is a collective decision that as a society we have to assume.

The President of the Nation arrived in San Juan for the first time on an official visit, since he took office Credit: Presidency

At the same time, he commented that Argentina developed with a logic where « a few have grown up and a few have become impoverished. » For this reason, he insisted on the need to integrate the country « socially » and to « develop in unison. » In addition, he indicated: « We cannot be calm with our consciences because we know that there is unequal treatment and that mistreats us as a society, puts us in a bad place, it is not a good system to live. »

The President commented that Argentines who do not find possibilities in the districts where they were born, think as an alternative to large urban centers. “There, finally, the only thing they often find is trying to survive in the marginality of those large urban centers, where opportunities are usually not more than those shown by the provinces. One cannot be calm with that reality, « he said.

The debate over co-participation

After the speech and during a press conference with the San Juan media, Fernández addressed his determination to give the Province approximately 35,000 million pesos that the Buenos Aires administration had available. « We have made a decision days ago regarding what the city of Buenos Aires received in terms of … I am not very clear about what, if of co-participation or not, because it was never clear that, » he said regarding the funds that They arrived in the Capital with the transfer of the Federal Police to their scope, in 2016.

“We are working with the Minister of the Interior to find a mechanism so that next year we have a fund that helps to improve the financial resources of the provinces, through co-participation or otherwise. What does concern us is that we can do this effort with the province of Buenos Aires with the entire interior of the country, because the entire interior also needs it, ”the president anticipated.

Fernández was accompanied, both at the conference and during his tour of San Juan, by Governor Sergio Uñac Credit: Presidency

However, Fernández said that this year there was a « record of support for the provinces » and that partnership « is an issue that at some point we will have to rediscuss. » On this, he added: « Co-participation is a kind of blanket and sometimes the blanket is short and nobody wants to lose the blanket market that covers it, it is not a simple task. »

On the other hand, he argued that « the solution is not for the National State to resign points, » although he assured that it does. « Every time the National State helps a province, they are resources that the National State stops having for it, to continue doing things, » he said.

Presentation of the Budget

« We wanted to make a budget that is sustained over time, we are not one of those who make a budget and a week we are altering it with journalistic statements, » said Fernández about the presentation of that project that he indicated, the Minister of Economy, Martín, will announce tomorrow Guzman.

The president said that the 2021 Budget has two objectives. « Improve and deepen production and create work, which is our obsession, » he explained. “I am not one of those who believes that with a good harvest or with Vaca Muerta we are enough to fix the problem, that does not solve the problems of the regional economies. We have designed a budget so that help arrives in promoting the development of the entire country, « added Fernández, who also anticipated that his administration is working on a » review of the tax system. « 

During the announcement, the Minister of the Interior, Wado de Pedro; of Productive Development, Matías Kulfas, and of Public Works, Gabriel Katopodis.

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