what it means and how to troubleshoot

Can’t watch Twitch? You are not alone – this is what you need to do to troubleshoot.

Thousands of people, most of them residents in Spain, have spent hours with problems using Twitch. However, it is not a platform crash, as the vast majority of people can follow watching Twitch live without problems.

The error that is appearing is identified with the code 2000 –Network error–, and appears to have been caused by a court order that has forced some Spanish operators to block domains, used by Twitch for their live broadcasts, as they have apparently been linked to hacking website domains.

The problems are affecting, initially, the customers using the Movistar, Orange, Vodafone and Jazztel network, and while it is possible access the Twitch website without problems, the error appears when trying to play any live content.

Twitch bug # 2000 is preventing thousands of people from using the platform.

A court order would have taken down Twitch’s streaming links

Although Twitch has not commented on the matter, the most plausible reason for Twitch’s problems being considered at this point is a court order executed incorrectly, for which the blocking of links from Twitch.

This order allows to carry out the fast blocking of hacking web pages without the intervention of a judge, and initially a total of 44 web pages were listed. However, it is possible that a review of the list may have included – erroneously – the Twitch links.

The request would have been made by Telefónica Audiovisual, and abided by the main Internet service providers operating in Spain. However, since Vodafone claim that the Twitch domain lockdown has now been lifted, and that their customers can use the streaming platform again without any problems.

The solution is to use a VPN

As has been verified, it is possible to bypass these restrictions using a VPN –Private Area Network– to access Twitch.

For that reason, some streamers are encouraging their community of followers to use a browser with built-in VPN like Opera.

If you want to continue consuming live content from Twitch until the block is removed, simply follow these steps to activate Opera VPN on Android:

Download and install the Opera with VPN browser application on your mobile. Open the Opera browser and tap on the app icon in the lower right corner. Tap on the “VPN” option and then activate the switch.

Twitch Error # 2000: What It Means and How to Fix Problems

Now you can access Twitch and play live streams bypassing the restriction imposed by the operators.

The version of the Opera browser from the computer also offers the function of Free VPN, and activating it is as simple as accessing the browser settings and activating the corresponding switch within the VPN menu.

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