what it is, how to watch it and what channels are available

Netflix, HBO, Disney +, Prime Video or Apple TV + are some of the most popular streaming series and movie platforms. All of them compete with each other, but they have several points in common: they offer original or third-party titles under a monthly subscription. Pluto TV It is one more service that tries to compete with the rest of the platforms, but not only with its titles, but with its modality.

Pluto TV is part of the multinational ViacomCBS. Is a online platform to watch TV shows, series and movies live or on demand. He arrived in Spain on October 26 — and in Mexico months before. It did so with 40 free channels, although today it already has more than 60. Pluto TV, unlike other series and movie services, does not require a monthly subscription. The platform is free in its entirety, with no “premium” channels or titles that require additional payments. Your income method? Advertising, which appears between the live broadcast or when a program ends and lasts a maximum of 12 minutes.

Pluto TV does not need registration. Access is immediate from any device. However, this form of access has its drawbacks. One of them is that the app does not save the preferences. Therefore, it is difficult to find content related to series that we have seen previously. On the other hand, it doesn’t sync playback with other devices either. That is, it is not possible to see the content and continue in the exact minute when a user passes, for example, from the mobile to the television.

Where can Pluto TV be seen?

Pluto TV has a web version that allows you to view the content from any computer. Televisions with Tizen (Samsung) or WebOS (LG and other televisions), as well as Amazon Fire TV devices, are also compatible with the service through an app published in their respective app stores.

Pluto TV is available for iPhone and iPad or Apple TV from the App Store. Unfortunately, there is no app for macOS, but it can be accessed from the web. Users with an Android mobile or tablet can also download the application for free from the Google Play Store.

Lastly, Pluto TV can be installed from the Xbox or PlayStation app store, but only for PlayStation 4 or higher models. If your TV does not include the application, but you have ChromeCast or AirPlay, you can send the content from your mobile to the TV.

Channels and platform catalog

Pluto TV

The platform offers 67 channels and live programs of different categories: action, comedy, romantic movies, mystery, animation, children’s content, reality shows, music, sports, cooking, etc. The programming is live. Therefore, there is no way to replay another episode or show and it is also not possible to fast-forward the content.

Additionally, Pluto TV offers series, movies, documentaries and programs on demand. Again, with a great variety of genres. The catalog is quite extensive, but not as current as the one offered by Netflix, Disney + or Prime Video.

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