what it is, how to download it and what does it allow

The ‘Covid Card’ is one of the measures adopted by the government of the Community of Madrid to continue in their fight against the coronavirus. President Isabel Díaz Ayuso is winning the applause of the residents of the community, but also of the entire world, by achieving a decrease in positives without putting the economy at risk. To the restrictions by areas that allow the rest of the inhabitants of the community who do not live in those places to continue their activity, a ‘Covid Card’ will be added, the definitive tool to control the advance of the virus.

What is the ‘Covid Card’, how to download it and what it can do in Madrid

Madrid has announced the arrival of the ‘Covid Card’ it is an informative document that is obtained after a dump of the virtual health card. It is about having the diagnostic data of each person in the event that tests have been done or are pending, both in public or private centers.

Elena Andradas, at a press conference this Friday, stated that the primer is »an integration of the clinical information via mobile phone with virtual health card which is confidential to the person. Now the results of the SARS-CoV-2 tests will be integrated there and will appear in a totally individualized way, like the rest of the information.

With this measure, Ayuso hopes to start the path towards normality. Madrilenians will know their state of health, knowing who can get it and who can’t. In this way it is easier to establish a clear diagnosis of the situation in this community and to be able to show this personal data, which only the user can teach voluntarily. You cannot ask for or demand this item, belongs to the cardholder in this way that no one can access it, privacy in medical data is total.

It will not be an immunity passport, but rather a record. It will have new features that have not yet been fully revealed. It will try to help people to regain normal life, to return to the situation before this pandemic. The issue of immunity is not entirely clear, there are people who acquire it after passing the disease and others who do not, in the same way as the validity of this immunity, it is not known exactly how long it will last today.

The ‘Covid card’ will be available in the coming days, although there is no exact date, the procedure to get it will be easier if an important previous step is carried out, the download of the virtual health card. To get it, citizens must download the virtual health card app and then go to a health center to activate it. It can also be done by asserting a QR code or by calling 900 102 112. In this way, Madrid is ahead of the rest of the world and begins to create this one-person registry to find out who can not infect, or be infected. A return to normalcy that begins with this primer.