When we are just taking our first steps with a startup or business, we may not have much money. Even if we did, surely we are not going to want to continue investing until we are sure if we are going to be able to recover those sums. But here WordPress and its most famous WooCommerce plugin comes into play, which with both you can create your website and online store in a simple and inexpensive way. WooCommerce is the plugin par excellence in the WordPress community to create any e-commerce. The plugin has countless features, including WooCommerce shortcodes, which we will cover in more detail below.

“And what are WooCommerce shortcodes?” You may be wondering. Well, precisely, in this article we want to show you all the details about these small WordPress plugins. Above all, because we are sure that thanks to them you will be able to take your electronic commerce to another level.

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First of all, what is a shortcode?

If you have never heard of this concept before, let’s try to delve a little deeper into it. As its name implies, a shortcode is a small code that is placed on your website in square brackets, and thanks to which we can quickly and easily include certain features or “shortcuts”.

As the general idea of ​​many sites on the Internet is none other than promoting products or services, shortcodes can transform you into your best ally. In just a blog post, or section of the site, even in a widget, you will be able to add images, texts, animated links, other articles, etc. In fact, you may not know it, but there are infinite WordPress themes and plugins that have their shortcodes.

Now, among all the alternatives that exist to attract the attention of the public that visits our platforms, this is probably the cheapest and most effective way of transforming that interest into purchases. In the end, what we want is to sell more by making the least investment possible, right?

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And why can WooCommerce Shortcodes help us?

WooCommerce is positioned as a solution that we must pay attention to for various reasons. But the main one is that they greatly facilitate the work of having to include shortcodes on our sites to attract users, sell more and, finally, earn more money.

At woocommerce.com/ you can find much more information about it. But, for now, let us tell you that thanks to this structure, even newbies can include shortcodes in their WordPress.

All you have to do is determine the kind of content you prefer. When you have done that, look for the code for that particular action and add it. All this, without having to worry about the code closing well, looking good or, the main thing, then working as it should.

Let’s take an example. You have just launched a product on the market and you want to publicize its characteristics, the advantages it has compared to the competition and why someone should buy it. If your text is eloquent, you will have convinced one or more buyers. At that time, it is essential that they have a simple button that takes them to action. A WooCommerce shortcode, such as “Add to cart”, will allow you to be guided during the purchase process, until the purchase is complete.

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What shortcodes do we have in WooCommerce?

The variety of shortcodes available in this service is one of its strengths. We are not going to stop at each one of them because there are so many that we would never end. However, we believe that it does not hurt to teach you some of the main categories of shortcodes so that you can think about what you are going to find. There are, for example, some essential categories:

Page Shortcodes: Cart, Checkout, Order Tracking, My Account, etc. Product Shortcodes: Recent Products, Featured Products, Sale Products, etc. Product Category Shortcodes – to display various product categories as desired .

And how to optimize its performance?

Well, once you have your online store thanks to the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress, there are also some simple tricks with which you will achieve that its performance is the best possible. A good idea is, for example, to have a hosting at the height of the circumstances, especially making the page load much faster. Among the many hostings, we can highlight Webempresa.

As you can see, WooCommerce is capable of becoming your best friend when developing an online store through WordPress. And best of all, with a few steps you can get the most out of your online project.

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