Most drivers have bad habits that put their life and someone else’s at risk

The underwater effect is another of the bad ways that we have when driving, all the bad habits that you have when driving must be avoided. 90% of traffic accidents are caused by the driver and of those, about 40% have to do with bad driving habits.

You have to avoid bad habits and respect the rules to avoid accidents that can cause serious damage.

What is the underwater effect?

The underwater effect is when you wear your seat belt loose and don’t sit well when you drive and you find yourself under the abdominal band of your seat belt.

Driving in this way of driving is dangerous because it increases the risk of colliding with the steering wheel as the body continues to slide forward, the belt also presses on a soft part of the body such as the abdomen and can cause internal injuries in case to brake abruptly.

Most drivers have bad habits that put their lives and that of other drivers at risk, at least as revealed by a study carried out by the Road Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS), which found that behind-the-wheel mobile device use was the leading cause of 800 deaths in 2017.

Although the number is only a fraction of the total fatalities reported per year, the figure shows an increase in recent years.


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