What is the technology behind IQOS, the smokeless, ashless tobacco heater?

Is it possible that people who smoke continue to enjoy the taste of tobacco but without the smoke, the ash and all the associated effects? IQOS, the new device developed by Philip Morris International, has made it possible.

Although IQOS is a device that does not prevent the harmful and potentially harmful effects of the substances contained in traditional tobacco, it does reduce them and allows smokers to get away from the annoying smell, smoke and ash products of the combustion of tobacco.

Since 2008, the largest tobacco company in the world has been promoting non-combustion alternatives that have been developed by 400 scientists at its research centers located in Switzerland and Singapore. This group of specialists has worked to develop a potentially less harmful alternative to traditional cigars, such as this electronic device that heats and does not burn tobacco and that with this, it brings various benefits over the traditional cigar.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know about this device to smoke tobacco vapor and that it has been developed as part of the efforts of this tobacco company to reduce the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes.

Philip Morris Mexico seeks to have a positive impact on the 15 million smokers in the country. Currently there are 30 thousand people in Mexico who have opted for this smoke-free alternative.


IQOS, how does it work?

IQOS is an electronic device called a tobacco heater.

Instead of burning tobacco – which can burn up to 800 degrees Celsius – this cigar alternative heats it to a temperature of around 350 degrees Celsius.

Philip Morris International, the world’s largest tobacco company, developed a technology it called HeatControl®, which heats to no more than 300 ° to prevent combustion.

This, according to the same company, while preserving the flavor, delivering smokeless tobacco to the consumer and eliminating the annoying elements of the traditional cigarette, such as ash and odor. What the person will be consuming when using a device like the IQOS will be tobacco vapor.

It is important to make a difference. This device is not an electronic cigarette, not a vaporizer, or a smoking cessation product, but a tobacco alternative that potentially carries a lower risk than continuing to use a conventional cigarette, and is designed for those who want to continue using tobacco.

If you are wondering how to use IQOS, we will explain it to you. It is an electronic device that consists of a holder in which the tobacco unit is inserted to heat, and a charger in which the holder is inserted. This is loaded so that it is ready to use next time. Each unit of tobacco lasts for six minutes of use or 14 puffs, whichever comes first.

While the tobacco company recognizes that there is nothing better than quitting smoking, its policy is aimed at finding a difference by promoting alternatives that significantly reduce toxic substances than products already consumed by smokers.

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