What is the Strawberry Supermoon and where can you see it?

When can you see the Strawberry Supermoon, the last supermoon of the year

File image of a Supermoon..

Supermoons occur when our satellite orbits closer to Earth, and is called perigee.

It is called Strawberry, Rose or Honey because it coincides with the respective collections

In Spain it will be 14% larger than usual and 30% brighter, and its maximum splendor will be at dawn

On the night of this Thursday, June 24, we will be able to contemplate the last supermoon of the year, the so-called Strawberry Supermoon. This astronomical phenomenon occurs when our satellite is at the closest point to Earth, a fact that scientifically is known as perigee, and that on this occasion occurs with a full moon.

It was first described by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979. And it stands out because you can see the moon up to 14% larger than usual and 30% brighter and brighter. And is that the moon Tonight it will be 361,536 km from the center of the Earth, about 22,000 kilometers closer to the usual average.

The perigee occurs about 13 times a year (four of them coinciding with the full moon). But particularly, in 2021 it will only happen three times, and that of June 24 will be the last. We will have to wait until March 22, 2022 for a supermoon to repeat.

It is known as the Strawberry Supermoon because June coincides with the harvest of this fruit, mainly in the United States, Mexico and Canada. It is also known as the Pink Supermoon also for the collection of this flower. And in Europe it has come to be called as Super Honeymoon, since it is when the hives are usually more full of this substance.

How and when to see it in Spain

In our country, the June Supermoon will be contemplatedr from 7:39 pm peninsular time. But since we are enjoying the days with more hours of sunlight, You will not be able to enjoy all the splendor of the Strawberry Supermoon until 01:40 in the morning. And to improve the experience, the ideal is to stay away from areas with high light pollution to stand out in the deep darkness of the night.

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