Everything seemed to indicate that Mauricio Isla was going to be Boca’s first reinforcement for next season. The Chilean ended his bond with Fenerbahce of Turkey and said he intended to play in South American football to be close to his family..

However, the coronavirus pandemic could complicate its arrival at Xeneize. According to what Matías Bustos Milla told TNT Sports, the only flight that can bring the Chilean from Spain has a date for the end of August.

But that’s not all, when Isla arrives in Argentina, she has to fulfill two weeks of mandatory quarantine for those who come from abroad as an exception, so it will not be available for the start of the Copa Libertadores. For this reason, the arrival of the Chilean is complicated from a logistical point of view.

Beyond that Huaso wants to play in Boca, in Argentina the borders have not yet been raised and the return to training has not even been approved. Furthermore, it should be noted that Isla received several offers that are better than Boca from the economic point of view … What will happen?

« In Boca they are not going to wait for him, they are going to start with what they have. If Isla later wants to come, they will receive him with open arms, but they will not wait for him, » said our journalist. Is Isla down?