Saúl Craviotto is the history of Spanish sports.The Catalan canoeist, based in Gijón, is the active national sportsman with the most Olympic stunts.Craviotto, who is also the National Police in Asturias, has been able to resume his training after having to stop, like the rest of elite athletes, by being confined at home by the coronavirus pandemic. The goal: the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, where you have many options to be the standard bearer.

One of Craviotto’s keys to developing his demanding training is a breakfast that provides him with a lot of energy. A meal that the canoeist, who was also champion of the cooking television program Masterchef, has wanted to share through his Instagram account. A breakfast that could not be more complete.

The preparation is simple, but it has its science.First, Craviotto pours four teaspoons of whole-grain poultry flakes into a blender glass, adding chia seeds and a vegetable drink, which could well be soy or oat milk.This mixture moves well with a spoon and is then stored in the fridge. The Olympian says that an hour could be enough, although he prefers to leave it overnight.After that time, add chopped strawberries and bananas and a couple of tablespoons of strawberry-flavored protein.All this is beaten well and put in a container.

The touch of style comes next, when the rest of the ingredients are poured over the smoothie by Craviotto, achieving a colorful presentation.Pieces of strawberry, banana, kiwi, to which is added grated coconut, sliced ​​almonds and crushed nuts. A true shot of energy, without any stand and that leaves the canoeist in the right conditions to carry out one of his demanding sessions.Also a good guide for any sports fan who wants to take care of their diet and have a full fuel tank to carry out the sporting activity they like best.

Craviotto, in addition to his sports activity, is a National Police. During the pandemic, since he could not train as he usually did in Trasona, he has resumed his activity and has been seen doing controls with the rest of his bodymates in Gijón.

Once the de-escalation began and the activity was allowed for elite athletes, Craviotto has also been seen with other colleagues in Trasona, exercising with a view to the next Olympic Games, which due to the covid-19 will be held in 2021.