What is the new Twitter tool about?

Twitter Fleets gives Twitter users a new way to communicate, without major complications and with great freedom.

Twitter Fleets begins its era: after being tested in four countries around the world, they become available to everyone. But what is the new Twitter tool?

Basically they are posts that last 24 hours on the net. They can be texts, videos, photos or whatever you need to show the world, but with a duration of 24 hours.

What does it look like? Indeed, to Instagram stories.

Twitter had put the fleets to the test in Brazil, Italy, India and South Korea. « We learned that fleets help people feel more comfortable joining a conversation, » Joshua Harris, design director, said in a statement.

« We saw people with Fleets interact more on Twitter, » he added in the text.

This is how Twitter Fleets is used

It’s easy to use the new tool: you just have to click on the button Share and later in Share on Fleet.

You can put some text or an icon on it, and that’s it.

Twitter notes that, in the future, both stickers and live presentations will be available on Fleets.

“We’ve learned that people are more comfortable with this ephemeral format,” insists Sam Haveson, product manager, on Harris’s idea. « That tells us that life is a little while. »

When will it be available? « In the coming days », says the statement from Twitter. What is certain is that it will arrive for both iOS and Android.

Twitter figures

In the third quarter of 2020 Twitter registered a not inconsiderable figure of 187 million daily users. For the same period last year they were 145 million, which represents an annual increase of 29%.

The previous quarter, there were 186 million: the period corresponds to the month before the explosion of the coronavirus pandemic.

« We increased our daily audience by 42 million in the last year, » said Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, at a statement. « (It is increasing) as people from all over the world come to Twitter to learn about topics and events that interest them most. »