What is the “Farmer’s Walk” and how it can help you lose weight

The Farmer’s Walk is a conditioning and muscle strengthening exercise where the person walks while carrying objects with a certain weight in both hands. According to Healthline, The Farmer’s Walk is a full-body exercise that addresses most of the major muscle groups.

Also known as the Farmer’s Carry, this exercise was popularized by high-performance athletes to later also be used by athletes in general and people who go to gyms, either to gain muscle or lose weight.

What is the Farmer’s Walk?

The Farmer’s Walk consists of a walk in which the person carries objects that serve as weight in both hands. Its name is a reference to the fact that farmers generally carry out a similar activity while taking care of their farm.

weight walkTo achieve all the benefits of this routine, you must do rest intervals, and keep your back straight at all times. Photo: Shutterstock

The Farmer’s Walk is a functional physical exercise insofar as its benefits have an impact on the activities that star our day to day. In other words, the results that we perceive from the Farmer’s Walk will be part of our daily life, not a set of isolated effects.

The Farmer’s Walk can be incorporated into physical routines focused on increasing muscle strength, although it can also be performed as an isolated exercise aimed at conditioning the body.

Although it is not an activity designed for weight loss, the Farmer’s Walk could contribute to it to the extent that the physical effort it requires involves the burning of calories in the body.

How to do the Farmer’s Walk?

Another of the attractive points of the Paseo del Granjero is its accessibility and simplicity, whoever wants to do it does not need more than their body, a couple of objects to make weight, and an open space in which they can continue in a straight line and take about 10 steps at least.

It is highly recommended to start with light weights to gradually increase the demand., always attending to the rate at which your physical capacities advance and develop so that the objectives you set are in accordance with your abilities.

This exercise is generally made up of different sets divided by rest periods of between 1-3 minutes.. Many people decide to organize the Farmer’s Walk into three exercise segments divided by 2 rest periods.

In terms of safety, the most important thing when doing the Farmer’s Walk is to keep the spine straight in order to avoid serious injuries.

The Farmer’s Walk is an especially effective practice for those who want to increase their muscles, not so much for weight loss. However, this does not mean that there are people who can lose weight by doing this type of exercise.

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