What is the creative process of an artist? Luis Frías explains it in a mural

Luis Frias ensures that to reach the destination you have to walk in the opposite direction.

The royal artist presents his proposal through a mural that will be exhibited at the Matías Romero Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Relations (SRE).

This exhibition consists of a piece, a “Process mural” which will contain many other works.

From May 13 to 24 the piece will be on a first stage of creation, in which, from the image and text, drawing and writing, an “information organization system” will begin to be created.

The exhibition will last two months and the mural is expected to transform from conversations with the other artists. That is, a collage of ideas is expected.

“Everything is collage. Besides cutting and pasting or a technical and aesthetic solution, collage is articulating: chance and time, body and memory, meaning and desire, discipline and drift, reality and fiction. In my artistic production, collage is a space for encounters, with leaks in the form of a blog and meta-stories”, Explains the artist.

Luis Frías’s work in the Foreign Ministry Museum (Photo: Courtesy)

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An open process

According to the information released, the intention of this work is to open and share the creative process, to create a kind of stage for dialogues and collaborations with artists from different disciplines, such as music and dance.

The goal is to share the creative process, towards co-authorship and pedagogy.

“The work shows a process of innovation in the arts, it is a live creation from the dialogue that the author favors so much in his creative process,” he explains.

Photo: Courtesy

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