What is the clock that appears in my contacts for and how does it work?

Update the latest version of WhatsApp so that you have this new function.

The most popular messaging app on the planet remains steadfast in its desire to keep improving its performance.

Among its latest developments, WhatsApp has now incorporated a clock that appears in the profile of your contacts, but… what is it for?

The meaning of that clock is very simple: now the platform allows you to send temporary messages that are self-destructing. If you are an active Telegram user, you may know what it is about, since WhatsApp’s competition also uses it and for a long time.

The difference with the blue application is that the Facebook app will allow you to send and receive messages that self-destruct after seven days, according to the specialized portal Wabetainfo.

How does the new WhatsApp clock work?

When a user does not enter WhatsApp seven days after receiving a temporary message, it will be automatically deleted and will only be visible through mobile notifications.

Another thing is that once you reply to a temporary message, it will appear as a quoted message when it has been deleted.

These messages will be included in the WhatsApp backups and the messages will be deleted when restoring.

These messages can be forwarded to a chat with the tool disabled and the messages will remain despite the original being destroyed.

How to activate temporary messages

The first thing is to update the application with its latest version already available for iOS and Android.

The next thing is to enter the conversation that you want to activate the function and press on the name.

Then, select the Temporary messages option and then click Continue. Finally, press the option Activated.