What is the big difference between multigrain and whole grain cookies?

At times it seems impossible to make correct decisions regarding the food we buy in the supermarket: are there simply more brands of food? Or is there really so many different things?

For example, there are cookies and breads that are proclaimed as multigrain, while others say they are integralAre they synonymous only?

History of cereals

Cookies and breads are foods that are made from flours, which come from cereals such as wheat, corn, rice.

To say that cereals are important to humanity is an understatement: there is evidence that agriculture began with the sowing of cereals, in the Neolithic, about 10,000 years ago.

That totally changed the way we human beings organized ourselves: cereals were fundamental to the beginning of civilization as we know it.

Our ancestors not only changed the way they got their food, but also how they ate and cooked it: bake bread, from grains That they sowed was an important part of the transition to a non-nomadic lifestyle.

Cereals for everyone

It is no coincidence that cereals have taken their name from Ceres, Roman goddess of agriculture.

Cereals are plants, in which their fruit is a grainBecause it does not contain as much water as other fruits, it is possible to conserve for a long time, which is useful to save part of the crops and thus have food all year round, without having to travel.

Another advantage is that these particular fruits of cereals have a high content of carbohydrates, but also of other essential nutrients: lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals.

That of course if we talk about the whole grain, which is called caryopsis, which is formed by the germ, which is the most internal part and rich in nutrients; the endosperm, the structure that contains most of the carbohydrates and the saved which is the outer protective layer.

Whole grains, please

A food integral It is made with flour of some type of cereal, from which the whole grains.

That means that a whole grain cookie will have a greater amount of nutrients, than another that is made with refined flours, in which whole grains are not used.

But what about the foods that are called multigrain? Well, in this case, the name refers to the fact that more than one type of cereal was used to make the cookie.

It could be that in addition to being a cookie made with many types of grains, they have also been used whole, but to be sure of that, we should read the labels carefully and check if it indicates that it is also a whole product.

When mixing flours from different cereals, the bread or multigrain cookies they may have more pleasant flavors, but that it does not necessarily indicate that they have more nutrients.

Either way it’s not bad if you choose whole grain or multigrain cookies to continue the age-old tradition of eating cereals: just remember that as with any other high-carbohydrate food, it should be done in moderation.