What is Student Coin and should you invest in it?

Student Coin is the first crypto platform that allows users to design, create and manage startup and personal NFT and DeFi tokens.

On May 11, Student Coin (STC) was listed on KuCoin, with a total supply of 10 billion STCs and a market capitalization of $ 132.6 million. What’s interesting about this is the fact that it supports more than 500 universities in more than 30 countries.

Student Coin Analysis

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Tokenization is extremely profitable for companies, startups, universities, and individuals, as it gives them the option of unlimited crowdfunding.

This is possible thanks to the ecosystem created by Student Coin with STC Terminal and STC Exchange as core platforms. The STC Terminal allows you to create a personal token, a startup token, or a decentralized loan token. Once created, you can easily trade, crowdfund, and manage your earnings on STC Exchange.

This tokenization is powered by STC Token, where everyone has the ability to bet STC and earn dividends from STC Exchange and STC Terminal fees.

Should you buy Student Coin now?

Looking at the current price of Student Coin, it is trading at $ 0.03642. By contrast, STC was trading at $ 0.01693 just two months ago. This represents an increase of around 115% in just two months. The low price of Student Coin coupled with its use in real life causes the price of STC to increase over time.

With the rise of NFTs, there are many, many people interested in creating coins, and we can see the potential of this project and the fact that as the popularity of blockchain technology increases, so will its use case and its use. value over time. In fact, in the last 24 hours, the Student Coin price gained more than 21%.

If you notice STC falling below $ 0.03 then it is a difficult ‘sell’ as the Student Coin price did not hold at a support level. However, the Student Coin momentum favors the bulls, so we can reasonably expect STC to test the $ 0.040 level.

Final thoughts

Student Coin (STC) is definitely a concept that has the potential to catch on, especially if you speed up the token creation process and make it as easy as opening a profile on social media.

We can see many young people creating something truly unique and as it is adopted by more universities it has the potential to skyrocket in value. Could Student Coin Hit $ 1 a Day? One can dream of and certainly weirder results developed in the cryptocurrency universe.

However, the rational case for STC to reach $ 1 is difficult to justify so early in its existence. We suggest that current Student Coin investors consider taking some of their profit off the table at the $ 0.04 level and then following the reminder until the signs of the bullish rally coming to an end.

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