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Many species have been saved from extinction thanks to the constant and patient intervention of humans. The Iberian lynx is the closest example we have. Resilvestration proposes a different approach.

Most of the theories associated with conservationism of animal and plant species, they bet on the intervention of the human being. Through meticulous scientific programs, we monitor, care for and help endangered species to survive.

It is a philosophy that has proven to be very effective, as you can see in the card below. Dozens of animal species have been saved from extinction in the last 50 years, thanks to human intervention.

But in the 1990s a new theory of species conservation emerged. Is named Rewilding or Resilvestration, and part of the idea that Nature is very good at her thing: promote life. Much better than us. So instead of intervening, why not let it do its job, making things easier for you?

Without the efforts made by biologists and Spanish authorities in the last 30 years, today the Iberian lynx would no longer exist. The same would have happened with 47 other species of animals in the rest of the world.

The Rewilding proposes help Nature to survive on its own. But for this we must undo some things that we have done wrong, such as cutting off the breeding and breeding areas of animals with roads, diverting rivers and almost exterminating carnivores.

Resilvestration consists of return ecosystems to their way of life before human intervention, and then let Nature do its work, taking care of itself.

This implies build steps above the roads so that animals can cross, open access to rivers and recover old canals, or reintroduce the original carnivores of each zone in places with abundant herbivores.

Once the original ecosystems are recovered, Nature will take care of keeping them alive, as it has done for millions of years.

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Countries like Scotland they want bet on Rewilding, as Andrea Núñez-Torrón tells us in TICbeat.

There the Scottish Rewilding Alliance (SWA) has the support of 75% of the population. This association requests a consensus from the different political parties to implement these Resilvestration measures:

Commit to rebuilding 30% of public lands Establish a community fund to support reconstruction in towns and cities Support the reintegration of key species such as relocation of beavers and reintroduce the Eurasian lynx where there is local support Create a coastal area where there is no allow dredging and trawling Introduce a plan to control deer populations, allowing the land to recover from overgrazing

Could similar measures be applied in Spain?

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