The patient’s blood gives rise to anti-inflammatory and growth factors that are used in therapy

Orthokine therapy is a technique of regenerative medicine It has a very important effect on the disinflammation of cartilage that causes joint pain. Below we will talk more about this innovative treatment.

How is orthokine therapy performed?

The Pain Medicine clinic indicates that Orthokine therapy is a biological treatment in which the patient’s blood is used to treat joint pain and diseases. The main applications of this therapy are in joint arthrosis, hernias and tendon injuries.

From the blood a high concentration serum with growth factors and anti inflammatory proteins. The liquid is injected directly into the area to be treated so that it naturally regenerates the damaged cartilage and thus relieves pain.

Orthokine therapy is one of the newest techniques in the field of regenerative medicineTherefore, its presence in the market is not yet massive.

Keys to the success of orthokine therapy

Photo: Pixabay

Orthokine therapy stands out for being autologous, that is, it is based on the body itself in which it is subsequently applied. This fact eliminates any possibility that the patient refuses the treatment and also that there are side effects.

Patients stop feeling pain for an extended period of time, and the anti-inflammatories it contains relieve cartilage and initiate a period of total absence of pain that can last up to two years. When they finish, the patient should be treated again.

Orthokine therapy attacks and slows the development of the disease, so it is not only a regenerative and analgesic treatment. In some cases, the underlying problem may disappear entirely.

The results of this treatment are perceived at any stage of the disease, you can experience a high rate of improvement in your osteoarthritis even if you are in an advanced stage of it.

Orthokine therapy is a useful and promising treatment, but whose accessibility is still limited for the general public, so it is not yet a completely viable option for all patients.