On April 5, the groups that have taken the Faculty of Higher Studies (FES) Acatlán campus of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) reported that they were attacked at dawn, as a group of between seven and 10 men, who arrived at the facility in tactical uniforms, bulletproof vests, firearms, and bats, used weapons and explosives to damage the facilities and those who keep the campus taken.

Around 4:00 in the morning the armed group illegally enteredl to campus facilities to provoke damage to furniture, computer equipment and documentation who was inside the spaces attacked with explosive devices, molotov bombs, firecrackers, and gasoline cans, the university reported in a statement.

For its part, the collective “Argüenderas and Revoltosas“Those who have been on campus since the stoppage of activities began, issued their version of the events in which they detailed the characteristics and clothing of the subjects who entered the building to attack and violate. As well as the wounds and humiliations that several of her companions were subjected to.

They assure that when they realized that the armed group was inside the FES, they questioned them about the reasons why it was there. Without responding, the men began to break glass the faculty to later make two detonations of a firearm.

The FES Acatlán executives announced that one of the spaces that had been attacked was the Office of the Legal Unit, located on the first floor of the government building, same where the mezzanine and several offices were damaged.

Due to fires caused by explosive devices“Surveillance personnel reported to municipal firefighters who came to control the fire”. The authorities informed that the corresponding complaints would be filed to clarify the facts and establish responsibilities.

In the evening, UNAM reported that there were two people detained for the events, who were identified by the faculty staff and the corresponding disciplinary procedures were initiated.

Despite the fact that the group of women that took the FES Acatlán announced the alleged sexual attack suffered by some of their colleagues, neither the UNAM statement nor that of the campus authorities touched on the issue.. Only two male people were reported to have been injured.

In addition, it was explained that the pertinent complaints were filed with the Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) with the distinctive FGR: FED / MEX / NAU / 0001701/2020, from which the opening of the research portfolio derived FGJEDOMEX: TLA / FNC / NAU / 060/092385/20/04. This in the FGJ of the State of Mexico, based in Naucalpan.

Women they asked for community support to cover the medical expenses of the injured people, so they provided a card number to receive donations by private message. They also ensured that:

In the report of the young people, which circulates on social networks, it is reported that the men who entered the faculty facilities allegedly claimed that the attack was by “los dulceros”. They detail the outrageous attacks they were subjected to, as well as the presence of the Head of the Surveillance Department, who descended from one of the patrols that arrived at the scene and allegedly tried to “retain the comrades who urgently requested to be treated by specialized doctors.”

Both the director of the campus, Manuel Martínez Justo, and the administrative staff of the faculty were held responsible for the attacks, who they assure have “intimidated them throughout this struggle”. Also, they attributed that same responsibility surveillance staff who gave access to the around 10 men of the armed group, the trustworthy personnel of the FES Acatlán and the police force of the municipality of Naucalpan.