What is Kids Mode?

With this function, children will be able to navigate more safely on the web.

The Microsoft Edge browser continues to grow and its functions are becoming more and more extensive.

This time Microsoft is working on a function so that the smallest of the household can navigate more safely. This is Kids Mode, a safer feature of navigating Edge, and with which parents can be more at ease when their children are using the browser.

How does Edge’s Kids Mode work?

From the Edge profile selector you can enable this function, making the adjustments with two age ranges that the service allows.

When activating the function, themes for children would be included, accompanied by tracking technology so that those responsible are aware of the sites they visit, and in addition, it has inPrivate mode and safe search through a Big Safe Search system, which prevents young people from accessing pages with adult content.

Other features of Edge’s Kids Mode

Another interesting feature that Microsoft brings through this function is a list of allowed sites that can be modified by parents through a section called « Family ».

This section helps parents to manually indicate the sites they trust so that their children can navigate safely.

Advertisements will also be dispensed with and minors will not need a Microsoft account.

In case they try to exit the Kids Mode, it will ask for a password to do so.