What is it and how does it work Dija, the ghost supermarket with delivery in 10 minutes that arrives in Spain | Life

“Your purchase in 10 seconds. Do you believe it?” with this message Dija is presented in Spain. This London startup wants to be the fastest home delivery service.

Albert Menolascina and Yusuf Saban They are the promoters of this project after having directed other similar companies such as Deliveroo. Spain is the first destination for this British startup to expand its business internationally.

They are defined as a service of “delivering food and other household items to your door in 10 minutes”. That short time is one of their maxims: “it is very rare that we do not reach 10 minutes, but if we do, we will offer free delivery for the next 3 months” they explain on their website.

For now London, Paris and Madrid they are the cities where they operate. Currently they cover almost 90% of the metropolitan area of ​​the Spanish capital, they have 6 points distributed throughout the city, but soon they want to expand to other cities such as Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Malaga and Seville. To find out if you can request a shipment in your area, you just have to download the application and check your address.

Every time you go to do the shopping, from the moment you enter the store you are seeing before your eyes exactly what those responsible for the supermarket want you to see. We are going to see 20 traps that they use so that you always end up spending more money.

With the first purchase they offer a discount code of 10 euros that can be integrated after choosing the products and entering the data in the application. They also offer 15 euros of discount to each one if the service is recommended to a friend through the app. The application can be downloaded in the Apple Store, at the moment, it is not available in the Google Play Store.

They do not have a minimum purchase cost, but they do charge a flat delivery fee of 0.99 euros for each order. To pay accept all major credit cards and other payment services such as Apple Pay. All customer bank details are processed through the checkout.com platform to ensure privacy and security standards for customers.

Food and hygiene products for the home that may be on your usual shopping list, from the main brands. This is what this new service offers that competes with the online shopping programs of the main supermarkets and the Amazon or Deliveroo service that have grown so much this last year as a result of the pandemic.

Dija is committed to prioritizing sustainability with its ebike fleet that guarantees home deliveries with 0 emissions. In addition, it avoids the controversies in which other companies have been involved with the working conditions of their distributors and ensures that all are employed in payroll.