What is hiding this mysterious Aston Martin DBX test mule?

Recently a strange and mysterious test mule has been discovered that seems to be related to the Aston Martin DBX, despite having a fake Mercedes E-Class bodywork, so it has a most strange and intriguing appearance. What’s behind this fake crossover sedan?

These images recently appeared on Instagram have revealed one of the weirdest test mules we’ve come across in recent times. It is not necessary too many explanations to perceive its extreme frame configuration and from the finish of the body it is evident that we are not facing the prototype of a conventional sedan, because has a suspension scheme more typical of an off-road or a large SUV. What gives it a very peculiar and striking silhouette.

These images have piqued our curiosity since we discovered them and we have not stopped looking for answers since then to the many unknowns What causes this strange specimen, which has also been seen recently at the Silverstone circuit.

At first glance we find what appears to be a Mercedes E-Class Sedan equipped with a new frame scheme, as if it were one of the usual All terrain variants of the German brand, but with a noticeably higher suspension setting that is more typical of a large SUV or SUV. This is the strangest feature of this model but also its first clue, as the model has the same wheels as the Aston Martin DBX.


For now it is very difficult to confirm what the purpose of this test unit is, but if we had to bet we would say that it is an initial mule used during the development of the Aston Martin DBX. The British model has a mechanical scheme from Mercedes-AMG, so it is very likely that this strange piece was created by German engineers for the development and calibration of mechanics and all electrical components with the new crossover frame scheme. If so, the funny thing is that it took us so long to spot one of these units, which raises new questions, how the nature of the tests they are carrying out at the moment. Is it the development of new systems of the current DBX or are we in the first steps of a new variant?

Executives from the British company have already confirmed that there will be no smaller crossover than the current one, but yes there will be a future 7-seater variant of the Aston Martin DBX and even an SUV coupe variant of the same model, or at least related to it. So it is possible that this mule is being used to develop systems or configurations related to these variants, or even the long-awaited V12 version, whose possible arrival was anticipated by the CEO of the brand, Andy Palmer, at the end of the year. past.