What is hearing loss and how is it detected?






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Hearing loss is known as a hearing problem that can lead to partial deafness or loss of hearing sensitivity. There can be three types:

Neurosensory. They directly affect the organs of the inner ear linked directly to the nervous system.Mixed. It attacks conductive organs and the neurosensory system, it is an injury that seriously affects. Conductive. This type of injury limits the detection of eternal sounds. This type of injury is found in the outer ear or in the middle ear.

Usually they tend symptoms appear that help identify the onset of deafness. It is very important to carry out a full auditory examination. At Sonoclinic they are experts in this type of problem and they have a great team that will help to carry out an exhaustive follow-up. Although there is no specific age, hearing loss presents as a problem, especially, from 65 years of age, but it is possible that it can appear earlier, affecting even children. It is a very common injury in those who are subjected to high ambient noise, loud music, everything that involves a very high volume. More and more people are putting too much stress on their ears, leading to many adults starting to suffer from this injury. Early follow-up will help establish effective treatment. Thus, the person who suffers from it can continue with their usual routine.

The current routine of these patients has made hearing loss is also present in them as a premature illusion. Although it can also be due to a genetic factor, in these cases it is important that parents carry out a follow-up, especially when it comes to babies.

How is hearing loss detected in babies?

It is very important to pay attention to ensure correct treatment. Professionals will ask parents to evaluate how the child interacts with his environment. To detect it early, parents must observe if the baby reacts to noises or their voices when they try to calm you down. During the first five months of the baby should react by looking for the source of the sound. Before this he will move his head or his whole body. These movements will indicate that the little one is able to perceive what is happening around him.

The current routine of these patients has made hearing loss also present in them as a premature illusion. But also may be due to a genetic factorIn these cases it is important that parents do a follow-up, especially when it comes to babies.

Some of the most common symptoms of hearing loss They are:

Do not make sounds or babble. Do not recognize your name during the first six months. Do not repeat simple words after the fourteenth or fifteenth month. Difficulty pronouncing more than ten words by the age of two.

If from the age of three is unable to construct simple sentences it can be a symptom of hearing loss.

Consequences of not treating hearing loss on time

Not treating hearing loss can cause serious problems in processes such as:

Learning. Children can have problems in the learning process, seriously affecting their interest and motivation. It can also lead to isolation problems and poor school results.Communication. By not being able to perceive sounds well, they have a much slower process to develop speech, causing great limitations to be able to communicate easily.

Having early treatment will help your child can develop your skillss, together with speech therapy and hearing aid treatment to determine what the needs of the patient are. In case of hearing loss in adults, effective follow-up and early treatment will help treat the injury.

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