What is he accused of?

After the arrest of the Argentine golfer Angel Cabrera by Interpol in the Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro, after being a fugitive from justice for gender violence by two of his ex-partners, now he hopes that the national government will request the extradition of « Pato » to that he return to the country and render his accounts with justice.

Now the question for those who do not know the case is Why was the athlete arrested? To which it must be said that Cabrera had several partners in the last decade, including Cecilia Torres Mana and Micaela Escudero. Both They denounced the golfer for gender violence, since 2017, 10 years after his triumph at the US Open.

Torres Mana denounced Cabrera for having insulted and beaten her while intoxicated, and shared images of bruises on various parts of the body, so « Pato » was accused for the crimes of qualified minor injuries and threats.

Micaela Escudero filed another complaint a year later, in 2018, for physical and verbal assaults, in addition to robbery, for which he is accused of qualified minor injuries and theft, among other crimes.

In that same year, Cabrera had to be detained after complaints from neighbors, who called the police after hearing screaming and fighting.

International arrest warrant

On August 14, Cabrera had to appear before the Córdoba family violence prosecutor, Christian griffiHowever, by that date, the golfer was in the United States, where he was competing in a golf tournament, so The international arrest warrant was issued, since Ángel should not leave Argentina without the consent of the Argentine justice.

According to statements by Carlos Nayi, lawyer for Cecilia Torres Mana, explained that the Argentine golfer must face « an oral and public trial for two causes of gender violence, with a lot of crimes and will also be held accountable for other pending cases in the family violence prosecutor’s office. »

Extradition to our country

For this, Cabrera He must first be extradited to Argentina, although the procedures will take a few days.

It should be noted, Cabrera He could not enter his native Argentina, due to the two accusations. The golfer had asked a few days ago for the guarantee to reach the city of Córdoba to testify in freedom, but the Argentine justice denied the request.