Novak Djokovic, current leader of the ATP ranking and president of the Players Council, spoke publicly to express his vision of holding the US Open 2020, which would be the second Grand Slam of the year. “I do not know what is going to happen. What has happened in the last weeks does not favor the US Open, the numbers of infected are growing a lotespecially in New York, “he said in an interview with the Serbian sports daily Sportski zurnal.

07/08/2020 at 16:23 CEST

In addition, ‘Nole’ also spoke about the criticism received for the celebration of the Adria Tour. “It is obvious that there is more than criticism, as if there was an agenda, a witch hunt, that someone has to fall, some personality, known name, that is guilty of everything“he stressed.

“I leave it to others to decide if that is correct and humane. In my opinion, it is not. My position is that we must learn from all this and adapt in passing,” he added.


On the new point system for the ATP ranking, the Serbian is clear that it is the fairest. “It is the best option at the moment above all because it protects players who do not want to expose themselves to the risk of traveling and getting infected in the US or in other tournaments,” he admitted.

Some tennis players will not play until the end of the year and thus the list protects them, their results from last year remain as they are, they do not lose points, “he added.

“On the other hand, the players who play will have the opportunity to earn points. ATP protects players but offers opportunity for others to earn new points. It is useful for both groups of tennis players “, he considered.