What is faith and what angels can help you increase it

In the Bible, more specifically in Hebrews 11: 1, we can find the perfect definition of faith: “Faith, then, is the certainty of what is hoped for, the conviction of what is not seen.” For many of us, reaching that certainty is arduous and complicated work, because with any challenging situation that comes our way, our faith easily fades and we are trapped in uncertainty and fear.

The angels, who were created by God and appointed by Him to worship him and help us human beings in our evolutionary process on earth, can be that helping hand that guides us towards the inner peace that faith provides. They explained to me some time ago that fear is lack of faith. The former is the antithesis of the latter. When we have the assurance (read “faith”) that something is going to happen, we feel calm, we have no fear or doubt.

Some of the beings of the angelic kingdom that can help us work and increase our faith are: Archangel Jehudiel (for added confidence), archangel Chamuel and archangel Zafiel (for inner peace), archangel Michael (to eliminate fear), archangel Raphael (to heal our hearts and regain lost faith), archangel Barakiel (to have a positive attitude and lift our spirits), our Guardian Angels, and the archangel Metatron (to find peace in times of crisis).

An example of a prayer or request when working with the angels of God is: “Dear Father, dear angels (or if you want to go to an angel or archangel in particular, say his / her name (s) here), my inner struggle has led by low ways and now I choose to stand up firmly in my faith towards God. I now choose to overcome my struggle with my spirituality and stand next to God. Please guide me in my renewed faith and point me in the direction I need to be. Thanks, Dad. Thank you beings of light. Amen”.

Another way to do this is through an affirmation about an aspect of your life in which you wish to have more faith: “Heavenly Father, beloved angels and archangels, I now have great faith that _________ is manifesting in my life today. For this, I give thanks from my heart to you, Father, and to the beings of light who permanently accompany me. Amen”. Wait for demonstrations and, above all, trust that what you have asked for has already been granted.

Take advantage of these holy days to work on your connection with God and with your angels through your faith. Happy Easter!

* Ana Mercedes Rueda is a bestselling writer, spiritual coach and expert on the subject of love and relationships. Get his books here. Connect with Ana on social networks: @anamercedesrueda or through her website, www.mensajedeangeles.com.