This Saturday Scott Gottlieb former head of the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) warned about the fatigue of the inhabitants to stop the spread of COVID-19. Americans who have become ill or tired of living more calmly and carefully to stop the spread of the virus threaten to cause a dangerous increase in cases. This story is repeated throughout Europe, the reopening of consumption points and schools has normalized the life of Europeans and consequently increased the cases of contagion.

A recent graph from the World Health Organization shows the severity of infections in the Americas. In this area, the organization reports more than 14 million cases with more than 22 thousand deaths in the last seven days, but with a decrease rate of 4 percent. Europe in contrast adds 3 thousand deaths in the same period of time with a growth rate of 9 percent.

India reports a very high number of new cases, reaching almost 600 thousand new cases in the last seven days, with an average of approximately 81,582 cases per day, the highest number of new cases in the last week. In Myanmar, cases have shown a sharp increase of almost 87 percent in the past seven days.

Consumers are beginning to show signs of fatigue, mobility and work restrictions have unleashed social mobilizations in Germany, the United States. According to Gottlieb, “When we consider where the US is going on Labor Day, relative to where it was heading on Memorial Day, we have an equivalent amount, if not more, of infection” and “we are heading into a more difficult season. We are heading into the fall and winter, when we would expect a respiratory pathogen like a coronavirus to start spreading more aggressively than it would in the summer.  » Gottlieb added in an interview with Face the Nation.

Health authorities in many parts of the world agree that relaxing prevention measures will lead to an increase in infections. In this sense, it would seem that the universal way out is the use of masks, satirizing gel and temperature measurement. However, the consumer begins to feel fatigue from these measures. The so-called COVID-19 Fatigue is a real effect of human behavior, one that will have consequences in areas of high contagion and that could modify social restrictions to the extent that there is no proven vaccine or treatment. In Europe for example, according to WHO figures, infections have risen to levels similar to those at the beginning of the year; however the mortality rate has dropped significantly.