The sale of computers is something that does not stop growing, even more so considering the great boom in teleworking caused by COVID-19, which has triggered the sale of laptops. The Chinese manufacturer is undoubtedly one of the benchmark brands, not only for the wide range of equipment, but for its quality and the after-sales service that it offers to all its customers.

It has always been something important and very important to take into account, but the truth is that the fact that we spend more and more time outside the office, for work reasons or because we can telework from our home, makes a good service support be our best ally to help us with any problem that we may find in our team.

What is Lenovo Premium Care

It is a complementary service for our new device that the manufacturer offers us at the time of purchase. A support service which offers the highest priority and in which a group of experts will be in charge of giving us the solution to any of our problems regarding the use or operation of the equipment.

Premium Care assures us of peace of mind in our day-to-day life, knowing that in the event of any problem, we can contact one of the company’s experts to find a solution. We can therefore forget about long waits after sending the equipment to the technical support service for review or repair or wait for a friend, relative or neighbor to help us solve our problem.

With Lenovo Premium Service, the manufacturer offers the possibility that we can contact a specialist at any time and help us to solve any problem as soon as possible.

Main features of Premium Care

What is expected of a good technical support team is that they offer us a fast and reliable service. With the pace of life we ​​lead, not being able to use our computer to work for several days can be a big problem. That is why the manufacturer Lenovo offers all its customers the possibility of contracting the Premium Care service. Among its main characteristics, it should be noted that it is a service:

Quick: Without a doubt, speed is one of the most important aspects in this type of service, and in this case, Lenovo offers quick solutions regardless of the problem we have through this service. Any day during business hours we can contact one of the agents to explain our problem and give us a solution.
Specialized: The support service is made up of a team of experts and professionals both at the software and hardware level to offer the greatest peace of mind and quicker solutions to all service customers.
Easy to contact: It is possible to contact the service through a phone call, an email message or even through a chat tool to which all customers have quick access.
Attended by people: Today there are many services that offer us robotized care. Services that are finally slower, since they take a much longer process and also do not allow us to explain to a real and expert person what our problem is and that they give us a solution in the fastest possible way.
On-site support: In the event that it is necessary, if the professional has not been able to solve our problem remotely, the technician himself will schedule a visit to the client’s home for the next business day and solve the problem.
With problem prevention system: Premium Care also has a service to periodically review the status of our computer in order to detect any problem in a preventive manner. Specifically, a health check of the equipment is carried out every year.

How to contract Lenovo service

Premium Care is offered as a complementary service with the purchase of our new device from the official Lenovo website, therefore, during the purchase process we can contract it without any problem. Now, if during the purchase process we have not included it or we have purchased our equipment in a store other than the manufacturer’s website, we can also hire it later.

Of course, first of all we must check if we can add the service to our device. For this, the manufacturer itself offers a warranty search tool to find out if our device is compatible with the service. From this same link we can access the search engine, where we must indicate the serial number of our equipment.


Click on the button Submit and the appropriate checks will automatically be made to indicate if we can add the Premium Carea service to our team or not. In the event that it is compatible, all we have to do is follow the steps indicated for hiring it. From that moment on, we can contact any problem we have with our computer beforehand.