Although there is a world rich in knowledge and offline activities and of all that this means, the majority of young people, or those who move in a not too advanced age range, continue to reach out to our mobile phone, tablet, computer or smart TV to entertain ourselves in these times of mandatory and necessary confinement.

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Many of you will have heard the recommendations for lowering resolution and data consumption, many of them from government institutions such as the European Union, towards companies that dedicate their activity to streaming, as could be the case of YouTube or Netflix. However, since each family has a different type of connection in their homes, let alone in each mobile device in the home, we believe that it is necessary to do a quick review of the most daily digital activities and know what is the minimum speed requiredHere you can perform the speed test, so that they can be carried out without any startle.

The digital speed control you need to know

Perhaps, although it will not be the case for all people, we should start with the less fun activities, those that need an internet connection, but are mere bureaucratic procedures or labor needs and that require the intervention of a computer, mobile phone or tablet and the use of a web browser. In this case, according to the information that we have been able to find in the Broadband Now communication medium, one to five megabits per second are needed to perform this task efficiently.

If we have already covered the work quota and obligations, we can relax with an online TV series, movie or video game. In this case, starting with streaming platforms, in addition to depending on the number of people using the internet connection, it is recommended to have a speed that is around 25Mbps, if we want to see content in high definition. If you are one of those who enjoy 4K resolutionmaybe you need to ask yourself a minimum of 40Mbps. We, in the case of Spain, are not yet among the countries with the highest connection speed. For the multiplayer video games through the network, it is recommended to have a 50 Mbps connection, since the minimum slowdown will make your rivals make you bite the dust.

Finally, in this it was of youtubers and influencersIn addition to the number of live broadcasts that are happening throughout these days of confinement, it will be necessary have a minimum of 20Mbps, which could also be applied to the situations in which we want make video calls with several friends or family. If you also enjoy uploading your content to the network, you should know that the upload speed, although obviously it is important if you do not want to eternalize the task, it doesn’t need to be very high, although in recent months the offers of operators that offer symmetrical fiber are becoming popular, with the same upload speed as download. In short, and by way of summary, You don’t need to have the fastest connection from your provider, but you do need one that is wide enough for the number of people you are at home and your digital needs..

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