What if you eat fruit every day?

Fruits should be part of a healthy diet, but it is not about eating an apple every other day.

World Health Organization recommends that you eat about 4 or 5 servings daily, including fruits and vegetables. What are the benefits of following this recommendation?

You will feel more satisfied

Fruits contain carbohydratesMaybe you already knew, because they are sweet and that means they have sugars. But that’s not the only type of carbohydrate out there.

Fiber is another type of these compounds, unlike sugars, fiber cannot be digested, so as such it is not a nutrient, however it fulfills a very important function: it helps with digestion.

And when fiber moves through the digestive tract, it sends signals to the brain that indicate that we are satisfied. So eating fruit every day will prevent you from overindulging with other foods, especially if you do it before meals.

You will have less risk of suffering from diabetes

The fiber in fruits also has another function: it slows the absorption of sugars, carbohydrates that the body can metabolize.

In the metabolism of sugars, the insulin, a hormone that secretes in the pancreas: If we give it adequate time, it can produce enough insulin so that we do not have high levels of glucose in the blood.

Keep adequate levels of insulin and glucose in the blood, it is important to avoid type 2 diabetes.

You will stay away from heart disease

In a study conducted in 2017, it was found that consuming increasing consumption to 10 servings of fruits and vegetables each day was related to a 30% less heart disease.

This may be because fiber helps keep blood cholesterol levels low, preventing fatty plaques from forming in the arteries, which eventually lead to blood loss. hypertension, associated with many heart diseases, heart attacks and strokes.

You will consume an adequate amount of nutrients

In addition to the fiber that fruits contain, they have other substances that we can consider nutrients, such as the sugars. Remember that it is very important to consume them, because they are the responsible for providing energy to our cells to function.

But it will always be better that we do it in a fruit, where they are accompanied by other nutrients, than in a non-nutritious food, such as cookies or bread, where they are what is called « Empty calories ».

Fruits contain adequate amounts of micronutrients: minerals and vitamins, which we call this because they are essential and we only require small amounts of them.

These micronutrients vary from one type of fruit to another, so it is important that in addition to including them in your daily diet, you consider a variety as wide as possible: you can be guided by its different colors.

This way you will not only have a healthy diet, but also very beautiful food photos for your Instagram.