What if the Jeep of the future could dive? Yes yes, watch this curious video …

Since the world is world and men inhabit it, deeds and conquests of all kinds have been carried out. The invention of the wheel, the metals wave writing They forever changed the course of humanity, but there are other concerns that also “haunt” us. We refer to the longing that dwells in us for and for find hidden places and unexplored. Especially in the great oceans, the largest area on the globe.

If we apply this eagerness to know to the automotive sector there are curious situations such as the birth of amphibious cars. These vehicles, with different reasons for being, are designed to be able to circulate on land as well as on water. And, although they try, their dynamic qualities do not usually stand out in either scenario. But what if there was a brand capable of making it possible? Well Jeep she wants you to believe it’s her, albeit with a trick …

The Jeep you see at the bottom of the sea is not real, it is a computer montage …

A few days ago Stellantis held an event to explain the roadmap that it will follow to electrify all the brands in its portfolio. Well, among the novelties to highlight, for Jeep, there is electrification through the arrival of hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric versions. To illustrate their future, they published a video in which they reviewed their history and most important milestones, although at the end there was a curious clip.

We mean a Wrangler circulating on the surface (or rather bottom) of the sea surrounded by fish It hardly lasts, a second, and it is very curious, especially when we know that today it is impossible to carry out such a feat. The reasons for this are many and varied, although we can cite two. One: that achieving a degree of tightness in the powertrain and components would be impossible and, two: the cost that this would have would be unaffordable.

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With everything, Jeep has no intention of being the queen of the seas. With this video she has another objective: that we talk about her and the off-road capabilities of her vehicles. And it is achieving it, because many purists believed that with electrification they would lose their ways and it has been the opposite. This is so because the addition of an electric motor in the rear axle improves power distribution, maintains effectiveness and, above all, saves costs.

Of course, who knows if in the future it will be possible to reach such a radical extreme. It would be the milk or not …?

Source – Jeep by YouTube

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