Among the Fox-era X-Men, Wolverine can honestly be considered the central character, helped in particular by the fact that it was Hugh Jackman who embodied the mutant in the clutches of adamantium. While the actor has already said that he will not resume his role, we wonder who could succeed him when the character joins the Marvel films. But, Marvel could dodge the problem by changing the focus of the main character.

Which actor to play Cyclops?

Despite all the respect that can be had for James Marsden, his incarnation of the character of Scott Summers / Cyclops will probably not be remembered, nor will Tye Sheridan who replaced him in X-Men Apocalypse. Hugh Jackman and to a lesser extent Patrick Stewart (Professor X) simply took on all the light.

But, according to ., Marvel could reshuffle the cards by making Cyclops the central character of the return of the X-Men. If this sounds strange to film fans, it makes more sense for those who are used to comics, in which Cyclops is the original leader of the X-Men. This choice would also make it possible to separate concretely from the franchise developed by Fox. It would also have the advantage of avoiding the major question of who will be the successor to Hugh Jackman. His replacement will have less pressure.

As far as the character of Cyclops is concerned, it would also perhaps have a real incarnation for this hero who has real potential and not only through the prism of his opposition to Wolverine. Still, to succeed in this bet, you would really have to find the right actor. Everything but a small matter.

For the moment, we ignore almost all of Marvel’s plans, especially at the calendar level, for the X-Men. We have certainly had confirmation that a film on the Fantastic Four was in development. But for Professor Xavier’s mutants, it is rather the unknown who predominates at the moment.