Has the New Mutants curse struck yet? A few months ago, we told you why we wanted to be optimistic about this film launched at Fox before the takeover and whose release was scheduled for April 1. Since then, coronavirus forces, the exit has been postponed and the director tries to save the furniture in interviews. But Disney announcements over the weekend may not help matters.

The New Mutants, forgotten or dismissed?

It should be remembered that this film was rejected for the fifth time a few weeks ago. We have been waiting for a new date. However, Disney has multiplied the announcements, notably shifting the majority of films from phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but also announcing dates for Jungle Cruise and Mulan. The big forgotten about this schedule? The New Mutants.

An oversight which is rather strange even if it is not unique. Other Disney movies are in the same situation. But we’re talking about a superhero film here, and we know how busy the schedule is already for the next few years.

We can therefore wonder about this lack of visibility on the part of Disney. First option, the search for a suitable date continues. But that seems unlikely since, again, everything else is almost already determined.

Some media have raised the possibility of a Disney + or Hulu outing. But it is actually a priori impossible for this film, as MCU Cosmic notes. Indeed, Fox had an agreement in the United States with HBO for the streaming which continues until 2022. It is HBO which broadcasts the contents, like Dark Phoenix, since a few weeks ago. It’s hard to imagine Disney strengthening HBO Max, a direct competitor to its own streaming services.

A priori, therefore, remains the only option for VOD or to wait until 2022. Until then, Disney may well completely drop the New Mutants. Case to follow.