what he says leaves Iglesias with this face

The internal battle of the PP in Madrid has reached the main study of Cadena SER. The host of Hora 25, Aimar Bretos, has directed El Ágora, as every Monday, the debate space shared by Pablo Iglesias, José Manuel García-Margallo and Carmen Calvo.

At the end of the gathering, the presenter has put on the table the dispute between Isabel Díaz Ayuso and the Genoa apparatus to control the PP in Madrid.

“Do you think that the PP is doing well trying to prevent Ayuso from taking all the power of the PP in Madrid or if it is what he thinks, as Esperanza Aguirre has said today, that in Genoa there are children and youngsters who are intoxicating against Ayuso ? ”, Aimar Bretos asked the former Foreign Minister during the Rajoy government.

Margallo has responded that he has not dedicated “a single second of this day to a matter that is not even raised.” “The Congress will be raised when it touches,” he continued.

“Does Ayuso have your support, yes or no?” Bretos asked directly. “Well, hardly because I am a member of the party in the Valencian Community,” said the minister with laughter.

“Don’t dribble me,” replied the journalist. At that precise moment, the camera has captured how Iglesias laughed and rubbed his beard after Margallo’s reply in which he did not make it clear whether or not he would support Ayuso.

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.


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