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In the latest issue of the digital magazine Technology Innovators, a ranking of « The 25 best CEOS of Technology Blockchain 2020 « , in which Diego Gutirrez Zaldvar, CEO and co-founder of RSK Labs and CEO of IOVlabs, is listed as one of the best executives with projection in Latin america , that continues to be successful with this disruptive technology.

The publication highlights the actual adoption of blockchain technology in various business sectors and the entry of new innovations on the market, which promise even greater and bold use of this technology and, catalogs the best direction of each CEO based on their experience and success story in blockchain who have created applications based on this disruptive technology for their businesses.

« You cannot have decentralized value and centralized business logic Diego Gutirrez Zaldvar explained to Infotechnology, at that time he was the founder and CEO of RSK Labs, the first Argentine company that sought to create the necessary infrastructure so that the ecosystem of decentralized technologies continues to grow and can not only store value but also automate its operations, leading to a new generation of applications.

The project emerged as the union of two work teams, one technical and the other social. In 2015, Rubn Altman, graduated in Computer Science; Computer Science Engineer and Marketing Specialist Adrin Eidelman and Sergio Lerner, Master of Computer Science and former Security Auditor for the Bitcoin Foundation, met with economist Gabriel Kurman and Diego Gutirrez Zaldvar, who had been developing Bitcoin communities in Latin America.

The Argentine’s company did not choose to create a new asset. At RSK Labs they believe that Bitcoin already has a huge infrastructure and that taking advantage of it is the best option. For this they created a parallel, more intelligent network, linked to the Bitcoin blockchain thanks to a technology called « merge mining. that allows miners to work for both networks without the need to invest in more hardware, « recycling their computing power. Users can exchange their bitcoins for » smart bitcoins on the RSK platform and vice versa.

Today, RSK is IOVLabs, a company that develops the most popular implementations of the Smart Contract Network and the Rootstock Infrastructure Open Standard (RIF OS). Essentially, RIF OS is a kind of Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud that includes open and decentralized infrastructure protocols that enable faster, easier and more scalable development of distributed applications (dApps) within a unified environment to allow the intensive and widespread use of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The company acquired a few years ago the operations of the Argentine social network Taringa !, to inject it with blockchain technology.

The companies whose CEOs have been at the fore of the top 25 on the list are, among others: Adhara, AppsCo Inc, Attrace, Avanza Innovation, IOVlabs / RSK Labs, Bitbond, Bitit, Blockstream, Bloqs4Good, Chainalysis Inc, Coinify, Circle, Coinsquare, Consensys, Dapper Labs, Elron Network, Ember Fun, Embleema, Hut & Mining Corp , Limechain, Plazus Technology Inc, R3, Vault Security Systems AG, Ripple Labs, and Coinbase.