What have we missed in Madripoor? ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’ ​​opens the door to the X-Men in the MCU

The Marvel Comic Universe is brimming with sights … most of which have yet to be seen in the movies or on TV. Either for intellectual property issues, or of another nature, such emblematic points as the Wundagore Mountain, Latveria wave Wild land they still have us waiting for an audiovisual representation in conditions. However, Falcon and the Winter Soldier just gave us a big surprise.

Because maybe the trip of Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie and Daniel Brühl to the city-state of Madripoor, wherever Southeast Asia has left the neophyte viewers as if nothing else. But surely others, more veterans, have made them feel a strange itch at the level of the knuckles, accompanied by the desire to exclaim the phrase “I’m the best at my job!”.

What was this esparabán due to? Simple: since its first appearance in 1985, Madripoor (or “Madripur” for the classics) has stood out as one of the greatest pools of evil and vileness in the Marvel Universe, but it has also been associated with the legend of the X Men in general, and of Wolverine in particular.

Invented, for a change in the case of ‘exits’, by the screenwriter Chris Claremont, Madripoor has been the setting for many ‘Lobi’ adventures. In fact, the Canadian mutant knew her thoroughly before meeting Charles Xavier and company: he even ran a bar, the Princess, whose label can be seen in this episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

Let us also point out that, when visiting the city, Logan likes to pretend to be one-eyed and adopt the pseudonym of ‘Patch’. And to top it all, as we learned thanks to the story arc The Knights of Madripur, our favorite clawed mutant alternated in this place with himself Captain America, both looking for a girl kidnapped by police officers Hydra. The name of said girl was, to be exact, Natasha Romanoff.

If the news that Madripoor connects with the (always mysterious) past of Black widow It is not enough, we must also inform you that she was also involved in that adventure Hand, that sect of ninjas we met in the Daredevil series. Thanks to the efforts of this dark coalition, the world discovered by the brave that the city rises on the spine of a dragon with a very bad awakening.

And, as if that were not enough, it is necessary to remember that the ruler of the city was, for a time, Ophelia Sarkissian, supervillain who attends, good for Madame Hydra, good for Snake. And whose head henchman was, for a long time, Kenichio Harada, alias ‘Silver Samurai’. Given that this last character was seen in Wolverine Immortal, we doubt there is a place for him in the MCU, but for now, Ophelia is still available.

There are many more things to tell about Madripoor: without going any further, we can remember Tyger Tiger, the ‘honest business woman’ (you understand us) who acts as the leader of the city, and whom the superheroes leave alone basically because the alternatives to her mandate are even worse.

However, there is one last detail that can be even juicier. Because other Marvel characters who have frequented Madripoor in recent years have been Kate bishop and Clint Barton. That is, the two versions of Hawk Eye.

And, given that both of them walked there in the comics by Matt Fraction and David Aja that will serve as inspiration for the imminent Disney + series, we can assure that, sooner or later, Madripoor will appear again in our marvelite atlas.