What has been the worst game you have bought?

I am not going to lie to you, on more than one occasion I have asked myself what has been the worst game I have bought in all my years as a video game lover, and the truth is that on more than one occasion I have come to conflicting conclusions. This has an explanation, and it is that nostalgia is capable of deceiving us, and of making us believe that that terrible experience with a game was not, in reality, that bad.

The worst game that they have given me was one of those pirate cartridges for the Nintendo NES that had a great success in the Spanish market, many years ago, and that claimed to include more than 100 games. In my case, I remember that the cartridge said “161 games in 1”, but the truth is that it only included ten different games, and was limited to repeating them with different names. In some cases it introduced minor modifications, but it was still the same game. To add insult to injury, the games were from the early days of the NES, and I didn’t quite like them.

If I stick strictly to the question, the worst game I have ever bought with my own money was, without a doubt, Mortal Kombat for Master System II. This game hit the market at a time when our only source of information was video game magazines. When I saw the first images of the version of this game for the SEGA 8-bit console I was delighted, as the graphic quality was bordering on a great level, considering the limitations of the system, and even the gory mode had been maintained and the “fatalities.”

Mortal Kombat for Master System II, why is it the worst game I have ever bought?

In still and motionless images, Mortal Kombat for Master System II didn’t look bad at all, but in motion it was a real disaster. The roster of fighters had been cut (Kano was out), the soundtrack was tremendously bad, the sound effects were even worse, it only kept two stages, Goro was a dwarf and the animations had been so limited that the gameplay was horrible.

Yes, the gory mode was maintained, and the “fatalities” were not bad at all, but in themselves, the game was a real mess. To illustrate a bit, I leave you a video with a complete tour of all the combats that the game offered, including the “endurance”, in which we had to defeat two enemies with a single life bar.

Despite my bad experience, I decided to give Mortal Kombat II a try, also in its version for Master System II, and the truth is that I was pleasantly surprised. The game kept some of the limitations of the first installment, including cutting playable characters, and only offered two scenarios, but everything else had improved, from animations to music, sound effects and “gore” mode. You no longer had that feeling that the game was one way and the music was another, and it was much more fun. It wasn’t perfect, but compared to the first one, it represented a significant advance.

However, it was not the game that disappointed me the most due to expectations, as I told you in this article, that was Masters of Combat. Now it’s your turn, what has been the worst game you have bought? The comments are yours.


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