Lemon or zacatillo tea is a popular remedy with extraordinary therapeutic properties. It is a medicinal, aromatic and delicious herb, which is a great ally to combat various ailments and diseases

Lemon tea according to the region it is also popularly known as zacatillo tea and it is an herb that is attributed great medicinal benefits, among which stands out as a powerful ally to alleviate all kinds of stomach, respiratory disorders, insomnia, fever, pain and it is said is effective as a complementary treatment in cases of type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer and obesity.

It is a plant native to India although it occurs in various regions characterized by enjoy a warm climate. A kind of long leaves, who are carriers of a characteristic and strong lemon or citrus aroma. For many years in the India It is considered one of the most popular drinks to combat all kinds of ills and ailments, thanks to it has been worthy of diverse studies they check their unmatched benefits. Such is the case of a research work carried out by the Department of Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Bangalore, which shows that those people who consume lemongrass tea regularly present a significant reduction in the levels of triglycerides and LDL cholesterol in the body.

The unmatched benefits of a cup of lemon tea:

Without a doubt your most popular benefit is found in its ability to neutralize fat levels in the blood, this prevents lipid accumulation in the blood vessels and promotes good blood flow through the arteries. That is why a magnificent natural remedy to regulate high cholesterol levels and prevent various cardiac disorders.
It is a drink that stands out for its high content of potassium, thanks to it is a good blood pressure regulator and a great ally to combat hypertension. Act like a natural vasodilator It improves circulation and reduces stress on the heart.
Stimulates good digestion, has anti-inflammatory properties that helped to combat stomach conditions as is the case of inflammation, bloating, cramps, gas and accelerates the intestinal transit.
It is an ideal drink for naturally detoxify the body, this is due to their diuretic benefits that helped to eliminate fluid retention and toxins accumulated in the body.
Drink a cup of lemon tea at night it’s a great ally to promote good rest, this is due to their relaxing properties that help combat any sleep disorder
They are attributed analgesic properties making it a good natural remedy for soothe muscle and headaches.