With the arrival of the coronavirus health emergency, many people have become unemployed and may be concerned about their rights with Infonavit, especially those who were thinking of buying a home and were already close to accumulating points. If you are in this situation, here we will tell you what you can do. Read It will adjust Infonavit 140 thousand credits: this can benefit you

First of all, you should know that the number of points for you to request an Infonavit credit is 116. However, these points are calculated based on a three-factor classification.

3 types of points

1. Points assigned by age and salary: which are determined by the integrated daily salary, which covers the benefits you have (in accordance with the law of the Mexican Social Security Institute) and by the worker’s completed years.

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2. Points for the accumulated balance in your housing sub-account: these points are accumulated from the moment you start working by contributing to the IMSS, with the bi-monthly contributions that the company you work for makes; In addition, it can include contributions that you have made independently.

3. Continuous contribution points: these points correspond to the contributions that have been made WITHOUT INTERRUPTIONS. That is, if you have had a formal and permanent job for a certain period, it will also give you points to request your credit.

What happens to my Infonavit points if I lose my job

If for some reason you are out of a job, the points that could be lost are the continuous contribution points, so you should know what to do in such a situation.

First of all, you have to find out that when an employer withdraws you, he is obliged to pay the full two-month contribution. For example, if you were fired in February, the company must cover January-February.

On the other hand, if you are not registered again with the IMSS before two months have passed since the last contribution, you would lose your continuous contribution points and you would keep the accumulated balance points and the age and salary points. This means that it would take longer for you to apply for the home loan.

In this case, if you ran out of work in March, you have to go back to trading before the end of April, for continuity do not lose. If a two-month period passes without your account having contributions, you would have to start accumulating your continuity points for a new account.

What if I already lost a two-month contribution?

If you already lost a two-month contribution, you will have to find another strategy to generate that score and be able to request your home loan:

1. start again

Although it sounds very obvious, it is the simplest solution: get a new formal job in which you are registered with the IMSS, and then quote again.

2. New job but with higher salary

One way you could generate more points is that in your new job your income was higher, that would be reflected in the score for age and salary.

3. Save more on your own

This option consists of starting on your own initiative to save in the housing subaccount, so that your points rise.