A few months ago, WWE was releasing subliminal messages during various segments on Friday Night Smackdown. All this led to a new gimmick of the roster, which indicated to be Ali. Fans were reacting positively to it as it was something mysterious. It was thought that CM Punk would be behind this new gimmick.

The hacker’s first appearance It was in the story of Otis, Mandy Rose, Dolph Ziggler, and Sonya Deville. The hacker revealed that Mandy Rose was tricked by her friend Sonya Deville not to meet Otis at Valentine’s dinner. After that, the hacker made reference Several Smackdown tag teams or some friends could be destroyed. I used the phrase ¨THE TRUTH WILL BE HEARD¨, that is, ¨The truth will be heard¨.

Paul Heyman was the creator of the hacker

It was talking about that The hacker’s main idea on Friday Night Smackdown was Paul Heyman. Although he worked in WWE RAW, everything has an explanation. Supposedly Ali was going to be the mysterious Smackdown hacker. However, He asked Vince McMahon to be moved to WWE RAW to work more closely on this new character. What happened was that Paul Heyman was removed as CEO of RAW, even though Ali was moved to the red mark.

After Paul Heyman’s firing as CEO of WWE RAW, this will only be the manager of Brock Lesnar. It is because of that Vince McMahon gave up the hacker story that captivated so many looks and audience. Heyman’s dismissal appears to be the reason this interesting story was canceled.

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