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FC Barcelona grows dwarfs. The last one that has splashed the Josep María Bartomeu team has to do with something that will be used next year: the new shirts. The 2020-2021 season has not started and they have already stumbled … Barça wanted to put the new garments on sale this coming week, matching their launch with the derbi against Espanyol next Wednesday at 10 pm. Many stores had already received the merchandise, but, according to the newspaper SPORT, fade. The brand that dresses the club I had never been through something like this, but it was enough to be the culé team to make it happen …

The colors of the shirt, which are the ones of each year with a yellow embroidery, fade with sweat or washing. Something that obviously cannot allow it to come onto the market. The sales that would be returned would be massive and nobody would buy them due to the factory failure. Barça has not issued any statement, nor has the brand, the only thing that is certain is that all that production of shirts that are no longer worth will be lost. Now the culé team must wait until they are ready and, if it is not fixed before, it seems very unlikely that this season, as had been thought, they could release them. We don’t know if someone has put a curse on this team but they don’t get a good one … With the date announced and many fans waiting for it, the 2020-2021 season shirt will have to wait.

A sheepskin coat that returns to the horizontal lines of a lifetime and leaves behind the chess board of this course with which FC Barcelona has dressed. We do not know if it will bring good results, at the moment, it does not bring anything because they have not arrived. To be honest, the first omens, seen what we have seen, are not good.