What happened to 15-M

Puerta del Sol (Photo: GTRESONLINE)

“No, no, they don’t represent us”, “PP and PSOE, the same shit is”, “It’s not a crisis, it’s the system”, “We already have the Sun, now the Moon!”, “Without a home , no gigs, no pension, no fear ”,“ Real democracy now ”,“ Yes we can ”… Just ten years ago these shouts and slogans spread from Madrid to many streets and squares throughout Spain. Thousands of citizens, especially young people fed up with the economic crisis and the two-party system, came out to tell the whole world what they felt.

It was a Spain ravaged by the economic crisis, with thousands of layoffs a day, with dramatic evictions, with the risk premium at historic levels, with cuts imposed by the men in black of Brussels. The system was collapsing, the dream of rich Spain that had astonished the world in recent decades with its Olympic Games and Expo’92 was breaking. A nation also shaken by the corruption cases of politicians and bankers. With an eternal bipartisanship that did not know how to update itself. And under the threats of the aggressive Anglo-Saxon markets and that fateful cover of The Economist with which the crisis began: The party’s over.

On the 15-M all those feelings exploded. He changed the country, brought in new parties, created a new political culture, put corruption under the microscope. Many illusions are here to stay, but also many disappointments. A decade after that, politicians and personalities take stock for El HuffPost on how those days were, the legacy that remains and what has been left along the way.

Puerta del Sol (Photo: GTRES)Puerta del Sol (Photo: GTRES)

Puerta del Sol (Photo: GTRES)

“I remember those days like u …

This article originally appeared on The HuffPost and has been updated.

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