What graphics card would you buy if there was normality?

If the situation had not gotten out of hand, what graphics card would you buy? I think that, with the situation we currently live in, it is an interesting question, since we cannot realistically measure success that AMD’s RTX 30 and RX 6000 have had, due to the “devouring” effect of the cryptocurrency mining boom.

Today, not only it is impossible to buy a graphics card at its normal price, but it is also impossible to find models that offer good performance in current games, since the stock available is limited to the GTX 1050 Ti, which appear to have been the subject of a “relaunch”, and other lower power models, such as the GeFore GT 710 and the Radeon RX 550.

Before getting into the matter, I want you to keep in mind that we do not limit you to current generations, that is, when answering this question you can choose any graphics card, and even opt for second-hand models if you had planned.

What graphics card would you buy RTX 3080

What graphics card would you buy if there was normality?

I start by getting wet first, and the truth is that I have it very clear, I would repeat my choice and go for a GeForce RTX 3080, a graphics card that I had the opportunity to analyze and that offers, at its recommended price (719 euros on the NVIDIA website) a fantastic value. I had an RTX 2080 Super that I was able to sell for 500 euros, so in the end the investment I had to make was quite small.

And why a GeForce RTX 3080? For its good price-performance value, not only in rasterization, but also in ray tracing. I have been telling you, for a long time, that the RX 6000 were not going to be at the height of the RTX 30 in ray tracing, and I also explained why at the time. In the end, 4A Games, and many performance tests, have proved me right.

It is true that, in rasterization, the RX 6000 offers a very good value for the recommended price they have, and that with 16 GB of graphics memory they could age better, but today, the GeForce RTX 3080 is, on the whole , a graphics card with a more solid value, and much more interesting, especially if we add the DLSS 2.0 to the equation.

I am not entertaining you anymore, now it’s your turn, what graphics card would you buy if there was stock and if the prices were normalized? We read each other in the comments.