What does the message sent by NASA to the aliens aboard Voyager 2 say?

Scientists placed a message on the space probe launched into space in the hope that it would be received by beings from another planet

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United States.- Since ancient times, people have dreamed of the idea of ​​making contact at some point with beings aliens.

In 1977, scientists from the POT launched the space probes Voyager 1 Y Voyager 2, these had the mission to study the outer planets, that is, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, a task that was completed in 1989.

However, in an attempt to have communication with beings aliens, the scientists placed a message inside the probe Voyager 2.

It should be noted that Voyager 2, which was launched 44 years ago has become one of the most distant objects in the world. Solar system that humans have created.

But what is that message of the humanity to the aliens?

-The message is on a gold record with an hour and a half long selection of music from various parts and cultures of the world, for example, Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, Louis Armstrong’s Melancholy Blues, Chuck Berry songs and Mariachi tracks.

-Greetings in 55 human languages, a greeting from the then Secretary General of the United Nations and the essay Sounds of the Earth, which is a mixture of characteristic sounds of the planet.

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-It also contains 115 images (+1 calibration) where the location of the Solar system, the units of measurement used, characteristics of the Earth and characteristics of the human body and society, for example, a pregnant woman, another woman breastfeeding her baby, the photograph of vehicular traffic in Thailand, as well as of the primatologist Jane Goodall, who is surrounded by chimpanzees.

Image of the gold disc cover on board the Voyager 1. Photo: Wikipedia

This disc was devised by a scientific committee chaired by astronomer Carl Sagan.

The space probe continues to survey the surroundings of the Solar system, therefore the scientists of the POT, do not lose hope that beings aliens receive the message, however, at the Voyager 2 He has little « life » time left.

Voyager project manager Suzanne Doodd shared that the probes are expected to work until 2027. « It would be super exciting to have a 50-year mission active. »