What does the clown emoji mean in the app?

On the short video platform, it is common to find this type of emojis to describe specific situations.

The language of the Internet is made up, on many occasions, of codes that the user turns viral from the different platforms. That is why some emojis take on other meanings depending on the context that is added.

In the case of WhatsApp, emojis can communicate something totally different, if it is used in a different context than it was initially created.

In the case of the clown emoji, platforms such as Twitter have popularized its use to describe specific situations that later migrated to social networks such as Instagram or TikTok.

What does the clown emoji mean?

According to the quintessential emoji definer, Emojipedia, the clown face « can convey that someone is silly or that something is creepy or terrifying. It is sometimes used as an unflattering alias for Donald Trump. »

In social networks it is generally used to communicate that you were the victim of a hoax and « they saw your clown face. »

In the case of TikTok, the meaning is the same and people frequently upload videos that describe a situation where they committed an act that they are very ashamed of and that they would not repeat again.

In different Internet forums they offer definitions such as:

« The clown emoji is to say that something is ridiculous »
« The clown is that I am in shock or like an idiot »
« It can be used to indicate that people or things are silly and weird. »

So the next time you see a clown again in the description of Tiktok videos, you know what that content can be about.