What does Bill Gates think about Bitcoin?

The co-founder of Microsoft and one of the richest people in the world, Bill Gates, was asked about Bitcoin (BTC) and pointed out that his position is “neutral”. The magnate’s opinion was one of the most sought after in recent weeks, as a result of the growing interest of companies in turning to cryptocurrency.

I do not own Bitcoin, I am not short of Bitcoin, so I have taken a neutral view.

The businessman recognized the growing influx of technology firms into the market, and noted that the price of BTC is greatly altered by the enthusiasm in the ecosystem. « Bitcoin can go up and down based on the mania or whatever the opinions are. I have no way of predicting how it will progress, » he noted.

Gates He avoided talking about the future of the market – understanding that perhaps his opinions would have generated a new revolution in the price of cryptocurrencies – but clarified that you have not yet made investments in either BTC or altcoins. The president of Microsoft, Brad Smith, also denied a few days ago that the company intends to turn to digital assets.

In dialogue with CNBC, the philanthropist suggested that the emerging market has a beta related to tax evasion and money laundering, although he did not go into details either. However, he suggested that his foundation is promoting financial digitization projects with a focus on transparency.

Three years ago, Gates had already criticized the characteristic anonymity of crypto operations. However, the size and adoption of the ecosystem currently has lent itself to changes in posture, as has happened with multiple analysts, entrepreneurs or other personalities.

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