” What do you have ? Clown! », Ronaldo manhandled

It’s rare, but Cristiano Ronaldo is sometimes involved in little trouble …

It is an understatement to say that the improbable altercation between Kylian Mbappé and Jordi alba, during the show of force of PSG against FC Barcelona (1-4), Tuesday evening, toured Spain. The tricolor prodigy has indeed retorted to the Catalan side by cursing him in Spanish! “In the street, I kill you,” he said, provoking the ire of Gerard Piqué (“Who are you going to kill?”). A punchline in the language of Cervantes which in particular made the happiness of the supporters of Real.

Marca returned to some verbal jousting between football stars and Cristiano Ronaldo is cited several times. In 2017, in the semi-finals of the Champions League against Atlético, the one who was still the star striker of the Merengues had been jostled by Fernando Torres. ” What do you have ? Clown! “, Launched the Colchoneros striker to a Portuguese who had come to speak to the referee of the meeting. “Home, idiot!” “, Had already replied” CR7 “.

Sergio Ramos’ victim

But, during his time at Casa Blanca, Ronaldo was also manhandled by his own teammates and in particular by the captain and great leader of the team: Sergio ramos. Still in LDC, the defender had reframed his number 7. “Yes, you watch us play! There are three waiting there, ”Ramos had launched, pointing the finger also at Bale and Benzema. More malicious this time, the Andalusian had forced Ronaldo to give him a free kick at the end of the match …

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