What do the numbers on the temple of your glasses mean? | Life

Do you use glasses? Then you are surely wondering what the numbers on the pin mean. If you are curious, we will tell you what this numbering means.

Many of the everyday objects that we have around hide curious secrets. And it is that, although there are things that we see every day, sometimes we do not know everything about them.

This is what happens with glasses. If you use them, it is not necessary for us to tell you that they have a series of numbers printed on one of the pins. But do you know what this numbering means? We are going to unravel the mystery, so read on if you want to solve this question.

Depending on the make and model of your glasses, you may find more or fewer numbers printed on the temple. For example, we have some Ray-Ban that come with the following numbering: RB6182 2502 53[]17 140.

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In this case, the first two groups of numbers (RB6182 2502) refer to the model code and other brand information, so you may not find them on your glasses. You will see the following numbering on your pin, and what it indicates is the dimensions of the frame, expressed in millimeters.

The first number that appears before the square (in our example, 53), refers to to the caliber of your glasses. This measurement expresses the diameter of the lens, which is the maximum width of the lens, and is usually between 40 and 62 mm.

The second number is the one after the square (17 in our example). This data indicates the size of the bridge, which measures the distance between the lenses and is typically between 14 and 24mm.

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The third number is the longest. It is made up of three digits (140 in our example), and refers to the length of the temple from the front to the end. Typically, this number ranges from 120 to 150 mm.

Now you know: the numbers on the temple of your glasses are not arbitrary, but rather express the dimensions of the frame. If your model does not have this numbering, do not worry because it is not an anomaly, since there are brands that choose not to put this data in a visible place.