Queen Doña Letizia has always been accompanied by controversy since his courtship with the then Prince Felipe and now King began. His statements and attitude in the request to the press, his disrespect for former colleagues, his bad relationship with Queen Sofia, the rumors of a marriage crisis …

Being queen is synonymous with being watched with a magnifying glass and gossip and so we will go over what people who know her think firsthand, whether they are friends or not, although it is true that due to his rank his inner circle is currently very small and he is as loyal as he is obviously discreet. Who really is Letizia and what do you think of her?

Doña Sofía, the mother-in-law

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The famous video from the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca perfectly summarizes the relationship between Doña Sofía and Letizia. And we say there is because at first it did not seem that they fell ill or that the now mother-in-law is considered a bad option for her son. The perfectionism, control and independence of the current queen made the relationship was deterioratingnot only with Doña Sofía but with the King’s sisters.

In the mentideros a phrase that Sofía supposedly uttered has always circulated: “Although I don’t like you, I will make you a queen”. It will never be known with certainty but according to the video he could well have said it.

King Philip’s friends

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The news recently spread but it seems that the King’s friends do not hold the queen in high esteem and that’s why there could have been a strong discussion between the couple a few weeks ago. It has been hinted that the monarch’s friends use derogatory terms towards her. Maybe it is Both Felipe and Letizia hardly have any friends in common, reason why it is very frequent that both go out separately with their respective friends, something that bothers Doña Letizia, who considers her husband’s circle as “posh”.

Inma Aguilar, Letizia’s close friend

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The journalist and communication advisor is one of the queen’s closest friends, but the most. In fact, if she is publicly defending Doña Letizia, it is because she is undoubtedly authorized and has “rank” for it. Inma Aguilar She did not hesitate, for example, to come to the defense of her friend after the rifirrafe between the sovereign and doña Sofía in the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca. “She is worried and quite desolate, since the queen is very committed to taking care of her image and that of her daughters,” said Aguilar Nàcher.

Aguilar and the queen have known each other for more than 20 years. They first met working on CNN and actually practiced together in 1999 and 2000. In fact, it should be noted that almost all of Letizia’s inner circle are women and communication professionals with whom she has worked.

Telma Ortiz, Letizia’s sister

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Telma Ortiz Rocasolano It is a fundamental pillar in the life of Doña Letizia, although it does not transcend the diligence with which they see themselves. The sovereign’s sister has always been on the fringes of the queen’s dimes and diretes. He has never come to his defense or opined about anything that has to do with Letizia but it is notorious that both sisters get along very well.

Telma Ortiz now lives quiet and withdrawn in her Majadahonda home, where he moved early in the years. The press is not pursuing her anymore and in fact she can be seen publicly in the company of her partner or even goes to ballet classes at the academy of Victor Ullate. And that in 2008 lost the lawsuit that he filed for the “unbearable and permanent harassment of the press” and that his partner is the ex of the violinist of The Corrs, the famous Irish group.

David Rocasolano, the wayward cousin

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And it’s not because he got along with Letizia. In fact they had a very good and close relationship. The queen resorted to him to manage the family issue after announcing her commitment to the heir and to hide all the dirty rags of the past or at least that they did not transpire.

However, something happened: David Rocasolano was related to a corruption issue and the decision of Don Felipe’s then girlfriend was blunt, to separate him from everything. The consequence: he He took revenge by writing a controversial book, “Goodbye, Princess.”, where he brought to light what he previously had to have under lock and key. In it he revealed the dominant character of his cousin and that he had a blacklist of people that he did not like or consider to be against him.

Letizia’s other friends

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On CNN he also met the current presenter of Telecinco, Sonsoles Ónega, Ana Prieto and Cristina Palacios. They are all from Letizia’s inner circle. Another great friend of the sovereign is Ruiz de Apocada tabernacle, the wife of the also journalist Lorenzo Mila and RNE correspondent in Rome.

Along with Inma Aguilar, they are the ones who have publicly supported the queen. Ruiz de Apocada even went so far as to comment, it is supposed that with authorization, the famous encounter in the cathedral of Palma de Mallorca on his Twitter account: “Don’t we have the right to have a bad day?”, wrote the journalist, also asking for “restraint” among those who criticized her.

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